Logging Mallets on Video


C. Vision Productions:

"Midwest Classic Steam."  VHS or DVD.  78 min.

   Features approximately 17 minutes of Black Hills Central #110 under steam.  The #110 segment follows the locomotive on a trip from Hill City to Keystone.

Catenary Video Productions:

"California's North Coast Logging Railroads."

    Includes some color film of Caspar #7 with a log train, and some B&W scenes of a fan trip with #7.  Also has a few minutes of color film of Arcata & Mad River #12 in operation.

Golden Rail Videos:

"Steam Up at Mt. Rainier: A celebration of Northwest steam railroading."  VHS color.  60 min.

    The short "Glory Days of Logging" segment at the start of the video includes a shot of one of the Long-Bell Mallets crossing a trestle, as well as some film of Rayonier #110 and #111.  The main video includes some film of Skookum's various pieces at Mineral.

Greg Scholl Video Productions:

"Rayonier:  The Last Steam Logger."  VHS color.  30 min.

    Features early 1960s film of Rayonier's Grays Harbor operations from 16mm film by Maynard Laing and original Rayonier audio by Elwin Purington.  The bulk of the Mallet related scenes show #14 and #38, and there is also a short sequence of #111, and a quick background cameo by #110.

Madacy  Entertainment:

"Steam Giants Across America."  DVD color.  60 min.

    Includes several minutes of Rayonier Grays Harbor film by Ted Carlson.  Mallets 111, 14, 38, and 120 are featured.

Don McCune Library

"Three To Go Ahead."

    From the old Exploration Northwest television series.  About Weyerhaeuser's Vail operation, this video includes two brief (don't blink) shots of logging Mallets: Weyerhaeuser #4 at Klamath Falls, and Weyerhaeuser #201 at Longview.

Noonkester Video Productions:

"Steam Volume 17."  VHS color.  107 min.

    Features, among other things, a few minutes of US Plywood #11 in operation at Snoqualmie.

Rocky Mountain Railroad Club:

"The Uintah Railway."

    This video features film of 2-6-6-2ts #50 and #51 in operation on the Uintah in the 1930s.

Sunday River Productions:

"Gears in the Woods."  VHS color.  88 min.

    Brief scenes of Southwest Lumber Mills #12 in operation in the late 1950s.  Also on this tape are several minutes of film showing the Clallam and Grays Harbor branches of Rayonier.  The Clallam scenes consist of 2-6-6-2T #8, while #111 and #38 are featured at Grays Harbor.

"The Complete Sierra."  VHS color.  84 min.

    Several minutes of this video show #38 during its three year Sierra RR tour of duty.

Trainfans, Inc.:

"Classis Railroad Archives Volume Four."  VHS color.  1 hour.

    Includes "End of an Era," produced by Rayonier.  This film documents the beginning of the steam to diesel transition on Rayonier's Grays Harbor line, and the Mallet-related portions primarily show #s 14 and 38.

Video Ed:

"Sneak Preview 2."  VHS color.  30 minutes.

    Has about three minutes of US Plywood #11 in operation at Snoqualmie.


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