Hammond Lumber Company #6

Richard Glueck photo - August, 2000


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Split saddle tank (smaller version)

Build date: 1929

Serial number: 60870

Driver diameter: 44 in.

Boiler pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 17 & 26x24 in

Grate area: 26 sq ft

Tractive effort:  38,000 lbs

Weight:  211,000 lbs

Fuel: 1,000 gal oil

Water capacity: 2,000 gal

Service History:

1929 -1931:  Hammond Lumber Co.  #6.  Mill City, OR.

1931 1936:  Hammond & Little River RR #12.  Samoa, CA.

1936 - 1942:  Hammond Redwood Co. #12

1942 1951:  Hammond Lumber Company #12. 

1951 1956:  Arcata & Mad River Railroad #12.  Blue Lake, CA.

1956 1959:  Southwest Lumber Mills #12.  Flagstaff, AZ.

1959 1960:  Southwest Forest Industries #12.  Flagstaff, AZ.

Disposition after logging service:

Donated to Coconino County and placed on display at Coconino County Park, Flagstaff, AZ.

Moved from park in early 1990s for display at the Arizona Historical Society's Pioneer Museum, Flagstaff, AZ.


-Painted olive green when built

-Converted to 2-6-6-2t&t by Southwest Lumber Mills. 

-Converted to 2-6-6-2 by Southwest Forest Industries

-1982:  Custom Brass imported 170 HO scale brass models of this locomotive in her Arcata & Mad River configuration.

-1986:  Precision Scale Company imported O scale brass models of this locomotive in both the Arcata 2-6-6-2t configuration, and the Southwest Forest 2-6-6-2 configuration.


    Built in 1929, this little Mallet spent the first 22 years of it's existence working for the Hammond Lumber Company and it's various subsidiaries in Oregon and California.  Starting out with the number 6, she was changed to #12 by the Hammond & Little River Railroad in 1931. She was sold by Hammond in 1951 to the Arcata & Mad River Railroad of Blue Lake, CA where she worked until 1956 when #12 was sent to Arizona for the Southwest Lumber Mills.  For a while, Southwest ran #12 with a large tank car as an auxiliary tender before adding a normal rectangular tender.  After the tender was added, the fuel bunker was removed but the tanks were retained.  In 1959 Southwest Lumber Mills became Southwest Forest Industries and #12's water tanks were removed.  #12 was retired in 1960 and donated to Coconino County and displayed in a park in Flagstaff until the early 90s when #12 was relocated to Flagstaff's Pioneer Museum.  Presently, #12 appears to be maintained in outstanding cosmetic condition.


Drawing:  Hammond #6 as built

Drawing:  as Southwest Lumber Mills #12

Photo:  Arcata & Mad River #12 at Eureka, CA (in transit) - Martin E. Hansen Collection

Photo:  #12 on display at Flagstaff, August 2000 - Richard Glueck photo

Photo:  A broadside view of #12 at Flagstaff - Richard Glueck photo

Photo:  Another view of #12 on display - Richard Glueck photo

Photo:  The Custom Brass HO scale Hammond #6 model


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