Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mills #14


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2

Tank or tender type: rectangular tender

Build date: November 1927

Serial number: 60256

Driver diameter: 51 in.

Boiler pressure: 215 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 20 & 31x28 in

Grate area: 57 sq ft

Tractive effort:  57,000 lbs

Weight:  289,000 lbs

Fuel: 1,500 gal Oil

Water capacity: 5,000 gal

Service History:

1927-1945:  Bloedel Donovan Lumber Co.  #14.  Bellingham, WA, transferred in 1937 to Sekiu, WA.

1945-1964:  Rayonier Inc.  #14.  Sekiu, WA, transferred in 1956 to Grays Harbor operation.

Disposition after logging service:

1968:  Scrapped.

Tender to:

    1969 - Wasatch Railway & Museum Associaition.  Heber City, UT.

    1995 - Nevada State Railroad Museum.  Boulder City, NV.

    1996 - George Lavacot.  Independence, OR.


After being transferred to the Grays Harbor branch, Rayonier added a second air pump added to fireman's side near smoke box and moved the headlamp to the pilot deck.



Drawing:  #14 as built

Photo:  Rayonier #14 at Sekiu, WA in 1949 - Martin E. Hansen Collection

Photo:  Rayonier #14 at Sekiu in 1956 - Warren W. Wing Collection

Photo:  #14's tender, Independence, OR - 1999


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