Ingenio Angelina #9 "Milan"

Baldwin Class: 16-14/24-1/4-DD, 1

Type: 2-6-6-2

Tender type: Rectangular tender

Build date: October 1908

Baldwin Construction Number: 33008

Tractive Force:  10,475 lbs.


General Dimensions:   

Gauge: 30 inches

Cylinders: 10" and 15" x 16"

Valves: Richardson Balanced with vacuum valves


Type: Straight

Material: Steel

Diameter: 36"

Thickness of Sheets: 3/8"

Working Pressure: 180 lbs.

Fuel: Wood or coal

Staying: Radial

Boiler Jacket: Planished Iron


Material: Steel

Length: 67 1/2"

Width: 20 1/8"

Depth: front, 36 1/2"; back, 35"

Thickness of Sheets: sides, 5/16"; back, 5/16"; crown, 3/8"; tube, 7/16"

Water Space, front, 3"; sides, 2"; back, 2"



Material: Charcoal Iron

Thickness: #12 W.C.

Number: 88

Diameter: 1 3/4"

Length: 12'6"

Heating Surface

Firebox: 49 sq. ft.

Tubes: 501 sq. ft.

Total: 550 sq. ft.

Grate Area: 9.4 sq. ft.

Driving Wheels

Diameter Outside: 33"

Diameter of Center: 28"

Journals, main: 4.5" x 6"



Engine Truck Wheels

Diameter, front: 20"

Journals: 3.5" x 6"

Diameter, back: 20"

Journals: 3.5" x 6"

Wheel Base

Driving: 17' 6"

Rigid: 6' 0"

Total Engine: 27' 0"


On Driving Wheels: 52,000 lbs.

Total Engine: 59,000 lbs.


Water, 1,200 gals.

Oil, 2,000 gals. 

Tender wheels diameter: 24"

Weight, with fuel and water, about 24,000 lbs

Floor of iron.  Wood rack around top of tank


Painting, Style 291  Engine, Olive green and aluminum

Painting, Style 291  Tender, Olive green and aluminum


NRO. 9 on both sand boxes

Name on cab. MILAN

No. 9 on Front No. Plate.


Service History:

1908-19??:  Ingenio Angelina #9 "Milan."  Dominican Republic.


Disposition after service:




-Milan was the smallest 2-6-6-2 built in North America

-Only 30-inch gauge 2-6-6-2 built by Baldwin



An interesting locomotive among Baldwin's many 2-6-6-2s, the tiny "Milan" was built in 1908 for service at the Angelina sugar mill in the Dominican Republic.  In its technological features "Milan" was a very typical Baldwin Mallet of the time, using saturated steam and slide valve cylinders.  Being built in 1908 it was also Baldwin's first attempt at designing a small 2-6-6-2 for use on industrial railways. 

The "Milan" worked hauling trains of sugar cane for the Angelina plantation north of San Pedro de Macoris for an unknown amount of time.  At some point it was scrapped.



Drawing:  "Milan" as built - 1908



The builder's photo of "Milan" can be viewed at Bruce Pryor's Narrow Gauge from Off the Beaten Path site.


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