2-6-6-2 Donna Teresa Cristina #'s 200-205


Builder:  Baldwin Locomotive Works

Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2

Tank or tender type: rectangular tender

Build date/Serial number:

#200 : June 1946 / 72,317

#201:  1946 /

#202:  1946 /

#203:  1949 /

#204:  1949 /

#205:  1949 /

Driver diameter: 42 in.

Boiler pressure:  psi

Cylinder dimensions:   14x22 in

Grate area:   47 sq ft

Tractive effort:  30,740 lbs

Weight:  164,150 lbs

Fuel:  6 tons coal

Water capacity:  3700 gal

Service History:

1946-1970s:  Donna Teresa Cristina (Ministry of Communications and Public Works) #'s 200-205.  Tuberao, Brazil.

Disposition after service:

#'s 200-202: Scrapped 

#203:  Derelict, Tuberao, Brazil

#204:  Stored, Rio Negrinho, Brazil

#205: Display at EFDTC company headquarters



-Initially equipped with vacuum brake on tender

-As built had handrails on pilot deck, pilot deck mounted headlight, and a tender shelter.


    The Donna Teresa Cristina Railway, a coal hauling railroad in Southeast Brazil, has utilized many Baldwin built steam locomotives, culminating in 2-10-4s and 2-6-6-2s ordered in the late 1940s.  The 2-6-6-2s, numbered 200 through 205, were operated on a single branch line from the docks at Imbituba along the Tuberao River to a coal mine at Lauro Muller.  The rail on this branch was too light for the 2-10-4s and as a result the 2-6-6-2s were the main power on the Lauro Muller line.  In the early 1970s, flooding destroyed much of the line from Imbituba to Lauro Muller and as a result, the 2-6-6-2s were retired.  #204 was kept operational and fired up occasionally for the enjoyment of tourist groups.  Today, three of the Teresa Cristina 2-6-6-2s are still in existence, #205 is reportedly on display at the Teresa Cristina company headquarters, #203 is derelict at Tuberao, and #204 is in storage at Rio Negrinho.  Reportedly, #'s 203 and 204 are now owned by the ABPF, a railway preservation organization in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Drawing:  #200 as built June, 1946

Drawing:  #204, late 70s/ early 80s?


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