Ferrocarriles Nacionales 2-8-8-2t


Builder:  Baldwin Locomotive Works

Wheel Arrangement: 2-8-8-2t

Tank or tender type: Rectangular side tanks

Build date: February, 1935

Serial number: 

Driver diameter: 40 in.

Boiler pressure: 205 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 17 & 17x22 in

Grate area: 51.6 sq ft

Tractive effort:  55,500 lbs

Weight:  288,450 lbs

Fuel: oil, 1,000 gallons

Water capacity: 4,000 gallons

Service History:

1935:  Ferrocarril de Girardot-Tolima-Huila (FF.CC. Nacionales de Colombia) #58.  Colombia.

1935:  re-numbered to #72 before entering service.

19**:  Transferred to Ferrocarril del Nordeste, re-numbered to #171.


19** - Destroyed by boiler explosion due to low water.


-simple articulated

-Only 2-8-8-2t Mallet-type tank locomotive built in North America.

-36-inch gauge.

-Operated with auxiliary oil tender (flat car with a 4,000 oil tank) until additional oil facilities were built along the route. 

-Primarily used for freight, but also saw use on passenger trains.  Hauled coal trains for the Ferrocarril del Nordeste. 



Drawing:  As built

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Diaz, Guillermo, and Claudio Bellon.  "Colombian Steam."  NMRA Bulletin.  May, 1980.


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