Proposed Braden Copper Company (Chile) 30-inch gauge 2-6-6-2t


Proposal Date: January 10, 1940

Baldwin Class: 16-24/24-1/4-DD

Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Rectangular side tanks

Tractive force:  22,800 lbs

General Dimensions:   

Gauge: 30" 

Cylinders: 15" and 15" x 20"

Valves: piston

Outside frames


Type: Straight

Diameter: 64"

Working Pressure: 215 lbs.

Fuel: oil


Length: 100.125"

Width: 66.25"


Number: 131.  Diameter: 2."  Length: 17'6"


Number: 26.  Diameter: 5.375."  Length: 17'6"

Heating Surface

Firebox: sq. ft.

Tubes: sq. ft.

Flues: sq. ft.

Total: sq. ft.

Superheater: sq. ft.

Grate Area: 46 sq. ft.

Driving Wheels

Diameter Outside: 36"

Journals: 8" x 9"

Engine Truck Wheels

Diameter, front: 24"

Front truck: B.L.W. outside bearing.  Journals: 5" x 9"

Diameter, back: 24"

Rear truck: Hodges.  Journals: 6" x 12"

Wheel Base

Driving: 22'6"

Rigid: 7'6"

Total Engine: 37'6"


On Driving Wheels: 200,400 lbs.

On front truck: 15,000

On rear truck: 29,000

Total Engine: about 244,400 lbs.

Tank Capacity

Water, 2,000 gals.

Oil, 700 gals. 



This rather large, yet compact looking, 30-inch gauge 2-6-6-2t was proposed in 1940 for Chile's Braden Copper Company.  Somewhat resembling the Uintah Railway 2-6-6-2ts, the locomotive would have had 15x20 inch cylinders, 36-inch driving wheels, and outside frames.




Drawing based on Baldwin proposal



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