Proposed Simpson Logging Company 2-6-6-2t


Proposal Date: February 1927

Baldwin Class: 16-26/26-1/4-DD

Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Rectangular side tanks

Tractive force:  47,850 lbs

General Dimensions:   

Gauge: 4'8.5" (standard gauge)

Cylinders: 16" and 16" x 22"

Valves: piston


Type: Straight

Material: Steel

Diameter: 70"

Working Pressure: 220 lbs.

Fuel: oil

Staying: Radial


Length: 106.125"

Width: 66.25"

Water Space, front, 4"; sides, 3"; back, 3"


Number: 149

Diameter: 2"

Length: 18'6"




Number: 34

Diameter: 5.375"

Length: 18'6"

Heating Surface

Firebox: about 158 sq. ft.

Tubes: 1,438 sq. ft.

Flues: 881 sq. ft.

Total: 2,477 sq. ft.

Superheater: 735 sq. ft.

Grate Area: 48.5 sq. ft.

Driving Wheels

Diameter Outside: 44"

Journals, main: 8.5" x 9"

Engine Truck Wheels

Diameter, front: 26"

Diamter, back: 26"



Wheel Base

Driving: 23'2"

Rigid: 7'10"

Total Engine: 38'1"


On Driving Wheels: about 215,000 lbs.

Total Engine: about 266,000 lbs.

Tank Capacity

Water, 3,200 gals.

Oil, 1,000 gals. 


"Side tank Mallet locomotive similar to 16-24/24-1/4-DD No. 1, with 16x22 cylinders, drivers 44," Boiler pressure 220 lbs.  Tractive power 48000 lbs. grades 3%, curves 30 degrees, Rail 60 lb. 215000 lbs on drivers"

Based on

16-24/24-1/4-DD, 1 (Uintah Railway #50)





Simple articulated

The Baldwin design and specifications for this locomotive appear on page A-172 of Logging to the Salt Chuck by John T. Labbe & Peter J. Replinger




Drawing based on Baldwin proposal



1.  Labbe, John T. & Peter J. Replinger.  Logging to the Salt Chuck.  Northwest Short Line.  Seattle, WA.  1990.



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