Proposed J.A. Veness Lumber Company 2-6-6-2t


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: split side tanks

Build date: N/A

Serial number: N/A

Driver diameter: 37 in.

Boiler pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder dimensions:  13 & 19x20 in

Grate area:  21

Tractive effort: 21,900 lbs

Weight: 145,000 lbs  

Fuel: wood

Water capacity:  1,500 gal


    The J. A. Veness Lumber Company considered purchasing a small wood-burning Mallet for their logging operations in April 1920.  The locomotive would have been dimensionally similar to Caspar Lumber Company #5, and would have been a saturated steam, split side tank, cabbage-stacked wood burner.  Baldwin Inquiry Card #6947 illustrates the design for this locomotive.


Drawing based on Baldwin design.


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