Potlatch Lumber Company #24


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Full saddle-tank

Build date: March 1926

Serial number: 59087

Driver diameter: 44 in.

Boiler pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 17 & 26x24 in

Grate area: 26 sq ft

Tractive effort:  38,000 lbs

Weight:  226,000 lbs

Fuel: 4 tons coal, later converted to oil

Water capacity: 2,500 gal

Service History:

1926-1928:  Potlatch Lumber Company #24.  Bovill, ID (1928 Elk River, ID).

1931-1934:  Potlatch Forests Inc. #24.  Elk River, ID

1934-1959:  Weyerhaeuser Timber Co #108.  Longview, WA.

Disposition after logging service:

1959-1964:  Static display.  Longview, WA.

1964-present:  Stored.  Puget Sound Railway Historical Association (Northwest Railway Museum), Snoqualmie, WA.


-Painted "Olive green & Aluminum, Style 220, Painting Scheme A" when built. - Jim Wilke notes from Baldwin records.

-Unlike the other two full saddle tank logging Mallets (Saginaw 4 & 5), Potlatch #24 was built with the air reservoirs mounted on top of the saddle tank.

-Unknown date: Cabbage stack added while at Potlatch Forests Inc, later removed

-1970:  Northwest Short Line of Seattle, WA imported 500 HO scale brass models of #108.  However, the models lack #108's distinctive tank-mounted air reservoirs.  The model also has a standard logging Mallet cab with two equally-sized windows on each side.  On #108's cab the front windows are smaller.  For all intents and purposes, the model is really of Saginaw #4 & #5, except the model does have #108's modified fuel bunker.

-The fireman's side cross-compound compressor is now at the Mt. Rainier Scenic RR.


    This full saddle tank Mallet was built as #24 in 1926 for the Potlatch Lumber Company of Bovill, Idaho.  In 1936 it was sold to the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company for use on their line near Longview, Washington, and renumbered to 108.  Retired in 1959, #108 was placed on display in Longview along with a Lidgerwood tower skidder.  In 1964, #108 was removed from display and donated to the Puget Sound Railway Historical Association of Snoqualmie, WA.  #108 was moved from Longview to Auburn, WA, and then shipped with other PSRHA equipment stored at Auburn over the NP line to Snoqualmie.  Once at Snoqualmie, #108 was placed in storage.  Since then, #108 has remained in storage, some parts have found their way to other locomotives in the collection (one of the compressors was apparently used on 2-8-2 Rayonier #70). 


Drawing: Potlatch Lumber #24 as built

Drawing: Potlatch Forests Inc. #24 - 1934

Drawing: Weyerhaeuser 108 late 50s

Photo:  #108 at Headquarters Camp, WA in 1952 - Martin E. Hansen Collection

Photo:  108 in Niblock Yard - 1986

Photo: 108 in storage - 2000

Photo:  An example of the NWSL HO scale #108 model

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