Sinnemahoning Valley Railroad #3 "Edward T. Johnson"


Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-6-0t Meyer

Tank or tender type: Side tanks

Build date: 1892

Serial number: 42526

Driver diameter: 40 in.

Boiler pressure: 180 psi

Cylinder dimensions: (4)9.5 & 16x18 in

Grate area: 22 sq ft

Tractive effort:  18,000 lbs

Weight:  148,000 lbs

Fuel: 4 tons coal

Water capacity: 2,500 gal

Service History:

1892-1893:  Sinnemahoning Valley Railroad #3, "Edward T. Johnson."  Pennsylvania

1893:  Buffalo & Susquehanna #103.  Pennsylvania.

1893:  Returned to Baldwin.

Disposition after service:




    This eight-cylinder Vauclain-compound 0-6-6-0t Meyer was built by Baldwin in 1892 for the Sinnemahoning Valley Railroad as their "Edward T. Johnson."  A strange looking, one-of-a-kind machine, it nonetheless was the first attempt by Baldwin to design a locomotive specifically for the logging industry.  One year later, the Sinnemahoning Valley joined with three other Pennsylvania logging railroads to form the Buffalo & Susquehanna, and the Meyer was renumbered to 103.  The new Buffalo & Susquehanna had over 300 miles of track and traffic expanded to include passengers and coal in addition to lumber.  The Meyer was deemed to be of little use to the new railroad and it was returned to Baldwin in the same year.  Apparently unable to find a new buyer, Baldwin later scrapped the locomotive.  


Drawing:  Sinnemahoning Valley #3 as built

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