Crown Willamette Paper Company #12


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Split saddle tank

Build date: April 1929

Serial number: 60771

Driver diameter: 44 in.

Boiler pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 16 & 26x24 in

Grate area: 26 sq ft

Tractive effort:  38,000 lbs

Weight:  222,000 lbs

Fuel: 1,000 gal oil

Water capacity: 2,500 gal

Service History:

1929-1958:  Crown Willamette Paper Company  #12.  Cathlamet, WA.

Disposition after logging service:

Scrapped 1959.


December 18, 1958 - Ran last Crown Willamette log train at Cathlamet.

1959:  Northwest Short Line of Seattle, WA imported 202 HO scale models of #12.  Photo of the Northwest Short Line HO scale model





Crown Willamette #12



Crown Willamette #12 at Cathlamet in 1958 - Martin E. Hansen Collection



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