Clover Valley Lumber Company #4

-Photo contributed by Brian T. Wise


Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-6-2t

Tank or tender type: Split saddle tank

Build date: 1924

Serial number: 57684

Driver diameter: 45 in.

Boiler pressure: 200 psi

Cylinder dimensions: 17 & 26x24 in

Grate area: 26 sq ft

Tractive effort:  38,000 lbs

Weight:  221,000 lbs

Fuel: 1,200 gal oil

Water capacity: 2,500 gal

Service History:

1924-1956:  Clover Valley Lumber Co.  #4, Loyalton, CA.

1956 1957:  Feather River Lumber Company #4, Loyalton, CA.

1957 1976:  Tahoe Timber Company #4, Reno, NV.  (Used as stationary boiler) 

Disposition after logging service:

1974:  Donated to the Pacific Locomotive Association, Richmond, CA.

1979-1986:  Operated on the Castro Point Railway, Richmond, CA.

1986-2004: Stored, Fremont, CA.  

January 2005-present: Stored, Sunol, CA.


1986:  Precision Scale Company imported O scale brass models of #4.


    This Baldwin Mallet was built for the Clover Valley Lumber Company of Loyalton, California as their #4.  In December of 1956, #4 was sold to the Feather River Lumber Company, where a red feather replaced the green clover on the saddle tanks.  #4's time at Feather River lasted only one year before the Mallet was sold to the Tahoe Timber Company at Jackpot, Nevada, near Reno.  #4 was used by Tahoe Timber as a stationary boiler for their mill before being retired from that duty in the 1960s.  After the mill was removed, #4 was left on a section of track surrounded by a fence until being rescued in 1974 by the Pacific Locomotive Association of Richmond, CA.  The PLA restored #4 to operational condition and operated it on their Castro Point Railway until 1986 when the PLA moved their operations to Niles Canyon.  #4 was the last steam locomotive to be operated at the old Castro Point operation, being used to move equipment to the Richmond Belt interchange for shipment to Niles Canyon.  After that, #4 was stored in a warehouse in Fremont, CA until January 2005.  On January 8th, the Mallet, along with other stored PLA equipment, was moved to join the rest of the collection at the Niles Canyon Railway.   


Drawing:  #4 as operated by the Pacific Locomotive Association  

Photo:  Clover Valley #4 at Loyalton in 1947 - Martin E. Hansen Collection

Photo:  1974 - #4 being moved to Richmond, CA - Howard P. Wise photo

Photo:  1974 - #4's front engine after being unloaded at Richmond, CA - Howard P. Wise photo


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